Romanoff Designs – About the Artist

Green and Black Vintage Style Cicada

My background in fiber arts is eclectic and far-reaching.

I started with macramé in the 70’s as a teenager growing up in Berkeley, CA.  My dream in life was to become a famous macramé artist.  I went on to freeform and floor loom weaving, taking classes at The New School in Manhattan in the 70’s.  Arriving back to Berkeley I apprenticed with Audrey Socher learning the art of hand painting fabric and clothing design. When my first daughter was born I rediscovered by grandmothers baby quilts and started designing and fabricating hand quilted pieces. I also restored an extensive quilt collection of mid 30’s quilts owned by Louise Nagel.

Red, Black & White Jewels

After quilting for 25 years I was feeling like I needed another fresh outlet for my creative energy. My father’s cousin sent me a micro Macramé necklace she bought in the 70’s and had never worn. I was hooked! I spent a few months relearning the knots and working out basic designs before I could make my first complete piece. I’ve gone back to my first creative passion but have totally changed what I was doing from the hippie style of wall hangings and plant hangers to unique pieces of jewelry. This is not your grandmother’s macramé!

I have been selling through reputation and am now showing in Favor at 500 Sutter Street in San Francisco.



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